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What You Can Do as a Parent to Help Your Child be Successful in School
  • Ask your child how their day was. Ask them open ended questions so their response isn’t, “Nothing.”  For example; the best part of my day was…? In math we did…? The funniest thing that happened was…? I was frustrated when…?

  • Review progress reports, assessments, or graded work. Be aware of your child’s grades, behavior, and progress throughout the school year. Are they understanding the curriculum and behaving in class?

  • Correct homework before turning it in. Be there to catch mistakes and intercept wrong conceptions. The average child needs to see something at least 9 times to understand and engrave it into their brain. If taught wrong, this increases to 16 times! Yikes!

  • Support homework. Always do homework together. When your child does their homework alone, you will not be able to see their study habits or see what they need work on. Don’t forget it’s their homework, not yours. They need to learn it, not you. 

  • Routine is key! Children (and adults) love routine. For example: Do homework right after school or after dinner, do the same chores each week at the same time or same day of the week, set a time to go to bed every night and/or eat breakfast right when they get out of bed. When a routine is established, your child will feel at ease and know what’s expected of them. A good life skill too!

  • Involvement makes a huge difference! Always be involved in your child's learning and academics. Be there to support them and help them practice those skills. 

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My best students are the ones who cannot put a book down. When it's time to do math, I have to say "Put your book away, it's time for math." Ugh, I hated to say it! But it's those students, who read every day, that can be successful in all subject areas. They are the ones that can read directions and follow them. They understand their reading and can understand what they are supposed to do. They are able to read math directions and a science text book with ease. Do you know why? Because they read every day! They like to read. They want to read. Therefore they excel in reading.


Ask yourself, "How can I get my child to like and WANT to read?" Here are some tips that are beneficial.


  • Let them pick out the books they want to read and you pick out some books you want them to read. For struggling readers they should be choosing books on their grade level. If they read a page from the book and they make several errors on that one page, then it’s too hard for them. Check your local library or school librarian for books appropriate for grade level.

  • Praise your child when you see them reading. Put a reward system in place. If they read 20 minutes a day for 7 day a week, take them out for a treat. Or do something special to show you appreciate that they are taking a step in their learning. 

  • Read to your child. Pick out a classic and snuggle up and read! This is beneficial in so many ways. They improve in listening comprehension and they can hear and model from a fluent reader, like you! Plus, you are bonding for some unforgettable memories as you share a book together.

  • Read together as a family. Model that reading is fun and enjoyable. It's fun to pick up a book and get lost in it using your imagination. Put the video games down and show reading can be just as fun. You can do this even if you don't like reading. Teach your child reading is awesome! Don't let them catch you disliking reading. This will instill negative feelings. The same with math. If you don't like it, keep it to yourself. Talk to your child about how important it is to learn those math facts and read every day.

  • Talk about and ask them what they are reading. Talk about characters, setting, and story plot. Have a book club at your house and talk about the books you are reading together. This will drive excitement and responsibility to keep up and contribute to the conversation about books.


One or all of these suggestions might just spark an interest in reading. Try one tonight! 



Reading everyday is a must! No excuses
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Common Core Curriculum 

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Reading Lists

Here are a list of books for reading this summer



 My daughter loves reading now! She is doing much better in 3rd grade.

— Tina, Chandler



       I cannot do it without you. You have helped my son improve in so many subjects. Thank you!



— Dawn, Gilbert

    I picked a good one! My child is reading!



— Urvi, Phoenix

     We appreciate everything you have done to help my son succeed. I don't know what we would do without you.

— Sandy, Chandler



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