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Head of the Class Tutoring offers private one on one tutoring in all subject areas from Preschool through 5th Grade.

If your child is struggling or falling behind in academics, consider signing up for one-on-one tutoring with a certified teacher. Your child will benefit with the support of a highly qualified teacher with knowledge of curriculum and classroom experience.


Sessions consist of 60 or 90 minutes. Lessons are individualized to fit the needs of your child to target area(s) of concern.


A progress report is given after each session to set new goals or assess areas that are working or not working.

Study Skills
Learning English
Reading and Writing 

• Number Sense

• Learning Facts

• Problem Solving

• Place Value

• Common Core Standards

• Comprehension

• Main Idea

• Literature Reading

• Vocabulary

• Grammar

Writing Skills

• Paragraph Structure

• Sentence Completion

• Conventions

• Printing/Cursive


  • Learning skills and strategies to read or catch mistakes

  • How to study and take notes

  • Moving forward in academics and self-confidence


  • Enrichment activities for the  advanced learner 


• Learning English for U.S. Naturalization

• Citizenship

• Speak and Write English

• Practice Conversations

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